Mobile Dialer

MoSIP is a light-weight mobile app that delivers the best voice calling features needed to deliver robust VoIP services. It delivers the functionality and ease-of-use that will enhance any retail VoIP business.

VoIP Softswitch

Vox Switch is a carrier-grade softswitch which enables a service provider to deliver a wide variety of VoIP solutions. It is a highly customizable VoIP Softswitch equipped with advanced

VoIP Tunneling Software

A highly scalable VoIP tunneling software that delivers data encryption and compression to enhance quality of VoIP communication. Vox Bridge is positioned between the softswitch and the mobile dialer applications

SIP Redirect Server

Vox SIP Redirect is a highly scalable and reliable server that is specifically designed to reduce the load on SBCs/softswitches, enabling increased Calls-Per-Second and concurrent call capacity.

Lawful Interception

Lawful interception is the process by which law enforcement agencies conduct electronic surveillance of circuit and packet-mode communications, authorized by judicial or administrative order

VoIP Transcoder

Vox Transcoder is a smart transcoding application that enables the conversion of iLBC codecs supported by mobile endpoints to G711 codecs supported by SIP standard softswitches.

Unified Communications

Vox UC is an on-premise unified communications platform that enables businesses to reduce communication costs and maximize productivity.

Mobile UC Client

MoSIP C5 is an enterprise level UC/IP -PBX mobile client that brings all the functions of the UC/IP-PBX system available on a traditional desktop to a mobile device.

Client Configuration Server

This provisioning server allows the Service Provider or Enterprise IT Manager to control the installation and maintenance of an unlimited number of Mobile and Desktop MoSIP clients.